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By Gavin Bennett, Genevieve Cogman, Chris Hartford, Adam Tinworth

The Land Is historic Mithras of London fancies the Isles as his area, however the land is much older than even he. old vampires lurk within the fens and wolf-men stalk the moors. The Church has taken carry the following, yet worshippers of a ways older gods name upon strength that no follower of Christ has ever recognized. And someplace past the mist the fae snicker, for they have been the following earlier than the other. the following There be Monsters darkish a while: British Isles is the 1st nearby sourcebook for the darkish a long time line. It comprises the heritage of the land, info at the significant towns of britain, eire, Scotland and Wales, and info on how the supernatural denizens of Europe take care of one another and the oldest population of the Isles.

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Trade made the kine rich and healthy, and the feeding was good again. Sixty years after Augustine’s death, the Christian churches held the Whitby Synod to discuss whether the northern Britons and the Welsh should comply with the doctrines of Rome. The Irish-influenced Christians of the north spoke against the Saxon bishops, but the Saxons carried the day. The change was not immediate, but this synod effectively marked the end of the Celtic Church of Britain and Ireland. It also marked the time when the Cainites became most interested in interfering in the affairs of the Church.

Remembered forever as Ethelred the Unready, he failed to prevent renewed Danish incursions. By AD 1013, the Danes had conquered, and King Canute of Denmark became King of England as well. Canute dismantled the army and some of the machinery of the English state, seeing England as a prominent province of his northern empire. He took Ethelred’s widow to wife and established powerful independent earldoms, further emasculating the English nation. After Canute’s death, his sons split the Danish empire between them.

These miraculous events equipped the king to do God’s work and affirmed his right to be King of England. King Richard directed much of his energies against the Saracen foe, crusading in the Holy Land. In his absence, he entrusted the realm to William Longchamp, Bishop of Ely. However, many barons were not comfortable with a man of God gaining such power. See once more how the Devil’s own servants recoil from and conspire against those who commit their lives to the service of Christ. The king’s younger brother, the abominable John, quietly built himself a power base composed of these heretical barons, while his brother did God’s work.

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