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Trash? I saw how you strained to scoot that load off the dolly. " "Books. " "And you don't want them? " "My interests have... " "Oh, yeah? What do you-" "Camille... " He edged away. "I need to take care of this. " He slid into the cab of the truck and started the engine. "You know, Ernie," she said through the open window, "you could come over sometime. Ty isn't around that much these days. " She reached out and touched him on his cheek. "Must dash, Camille. " He rolled up the window and sped away.

I had a job and a house and a niece who must be bouncing off the walls by now. Why should I let these people drain the insurance companies dry making referrals to one another? I had a life to live. God bless Lisa. She was waiting for me when I finally got out of the treatment facility. "Hail fellow well met," I said, wiggling my fingers in the air. " "My pleasure. " She gave me a peck on the cheek. "Ditto. " Lisa is my oldest friend. We've known each other since kindergarten. I stole her cookie the first day and we've been girlfriends ever since, through school and college and her marriage to a bodybuilder with a leather fetish and her divorce and subsequent endless string of dates to guys remembered only for their kissing ability or lack thereof.

Everything... " "I'm not asking-I'm telling. " "I've heard the first night is the hardest. " So that's what I'd become. A situation. I closed my eyes and tried to conjure up the memory of David just as I'd seen him that morning, but it wouldn't come. At best, I got a turbid glimmer, a toothy smile, a dimpled chin. Pieces of the whole. It seemed I had nowhere to go and no one to see. Nothing to do. Nothing to live for. The throbbing in my left wrist intensified. Beneath the bandage, it was sending me a message.

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