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By James A. Moore, Leif Jones

Booklet Date: April 24, 1998

Though vampires have their intrigues, werewolves have their wars, mages have their realities, wraiths have their passions and changelings search to come to their place of origin, there are supernatural powers at paintings on the planet that main issue all of those beings. certainly, there are humans and forces on this planet of Darkness that endanger all those that exist. research the secrets and techniques, alliances, enemies and plans of those shadowy beings in a chain of global of Darkness books that may be built-in into the entire storyteller games.Learn how mortals within the some distance East care for their supernatural menaces.

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On most MUDs, players can create a description for their characters, but otherwise have little role in shaping the game universe. 1. Historical Evolution and Cultural Permutations 31 The game world is preprogrammed with monsters, rooms, and items. However, if a player is given Immortal, or Wizard status, they gain the ability to create items, run quests, etc. In virtual worlds, Immortals serve the function of Storyteller, though the MUD code allows players to level without facilitation by another person.

As with the sections regarding person-to-person RP, this list is intended to provide overarching generalizations rather than a comprehensive survey. Video gaming is hugely popular and the market balloons daily, offering a myriad of titles with various settings, themes, and styles of play. 30 The Functions of Role-Playing Games When some gamers hear the term RPG, they more readily think of virtual games than those performed person-to-person. In the video game world, a RPG refers to a style of game based on specific elements of Dungeons & Dragons.

While some players simply describe their IC actions to the Storyteller, they may also “act out” their scenes in tabletop, at least verbally. In the tabletop Vampire Chronicle in which I participated for over seven years, characters would often engage in lengthy IC conversations with the Storyteller’s NPCs. If, during the course of this role-play, the player wishes to use a specific ability, the Storyteller may “break character” to ask for a roll, but this rolling does not disturb the flow of the interaction.

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