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By the time a young Bronze Faction finishes her training, she generally regards Master Kejak as an absolute hero of Creation, who sacrificed anything and everything for the greater good. Sometimes, an apprentice trains under a sifu who has a bit more jaded view of Chejop Kejak, but not often; those Sidereals who assign sifus take care that only appropriately respectful masters receive access to new Exalted. Working in the Bureau of Destiny will turn a Sidereal cynical soon enough. No reason to start any sooner than necessary.

Surely, the oldest and most influential Vizier can capture some kind of immortality for himself. A decade ago, a group of Bronze Faction luminaries acquired the hearthstone to the Ancient Estate, a powerful Earth-aspected manse on the northern slope of the Imperial Mountain. This hearthstone is a Gem of Immortality (see Exalted, p. 382), and the group presented it to Kejak at a feast in his honor, with the humble request that he never deny them his wisdom and guidance. Kejak turned down the gift.

The Egg Hunters prefer that these Terrestrials do not assimilate into the Scarlet Dynasty. The Egg Hunters have nothing against the Realm as such, they just think that Creation doesn’t need yet another spoiled Dynast fucking, drinking and politicking on the Blessed Isle. Instead, the putative Princes of the Earth should be out in the Threshold, where most of the threats to Creation come from. The clique would like to find some way to influence Lookshy—however, the significant fate seals that the Maiden of Battles placed on the city’s destiny make this quite difficult.

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